Services provided to University of Seville and other Public Research Bodies (OPI) to Researchers

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The University of Seville has continually sought to provide an articulated system providing services not only to the University community but also to the various institutions in the area.

CITIUS can basically provide researchers from the University of Seville and from other Public Research Bodies (OPI) with services across the following four modalities:

Performing analyses and tests

University of Seville personnel and persons from another Public Research Body may access all the CITIUS infrastructure analytical capabilities. CITIUS capabilities can therefore be used in as many as four different ways:

Analysis or test request. The researcher need only to provide CITIUS with the sample, and all the necessary research is carried out here, forwarding results or reports as requested.
Perform studies with the researcher supervising analyses and/or tests carried out, with the direct collaboration of a CITIUS technician.
Independent use of the CITIUS infrastructure. Researchers, previously authorised by CITIUS technicians, are permitted to use CITIUS equipment autonomously. There is frequently a requirement for the researcher to undergo a course providing training on how to handle the necessary instruments.
Research product development in conjunction with CITIUS. Take advantage of our network of contacts to create multidisciplinary work teams including research groups from all University of Seville areas of knowledge, as well as researchers from other Public Research Bodies and companies.

: Over 600 University of Seville researchers use our services. We have additionally carried out studies of all kinds for more than 150 Public Research Bodies and companies. Just a few examples are:

Areas available for projects

These areas comprise modules available to host research groups developing projects in Healthcare Sciences. The modules are located within the CITIUS Manuel Losada Villasante building.

Signing of agreements

Public-private cooperation agreements are an enormously useful tool for creating closer ties between the academic and corporate worlds. Alliances that can be set up by means of cooperation agreements go far beyond a mere commercial relationship between parties.

CITIUS has established cooperation agreements with more than 80 companies and bodies. For example:

Technology company incubator

CITIUS can host research groups looking to make the leap into the corporate sector by creating a spin-off. Potential spin-offs can take advantage of the best conditions when facing the challenge of meeting major market requirements.

Some Spin-offs who have used this model with CITIUS are: